Acceptance St.

Acceptance Street

We turned a coincidence into an intersectional intersection in honor of Pride.

GECD: Pierre Lipton // ECD’s: Joel Rodriguez & Pete Jones // CD’s: Even Benedetto & Carlos wigle//
The Team: AD: Antonia Orol-Berlinger & CW: Noah Benezera
Mccann NY


A ton of people liked it.


We got some pretty good press

Adweek, Muse by clio, the drum, ABC News & Good Morning America, CNBC, Yahoo news, The Hill, LGBTQ Nation, The New York Times

But mostly I got the warm & fuzzies from watching the comments.

There was plenty of backlash too. But that backlash was just proof of concept.
(I even saw a Mastercard in the toilet a la Nike, that’s how I know we made it.)